Lucy at 21 Weeks

This will be the last week I post these weekly photos of Lucy. Since before she was born I have had this ongoing debate in my head about whether or not I should post her photos online. I definitely want to share her with all of you, my lovely readers, but I also want some […]

Lucy 20 Weeks

This week I came to some sort of realization as the mother of this amazing, sweet, and silly little girl. I have been feeling so exhausted by the amount of attention she demands of me throughout the day. I pretty much have to keep her moving the entire day or she gets upset. I only […]

Lucy 19 Weeks

Look at that, higher quality photos this week, yes! Russ’ mom was kind enough to lend us her camera until we get a new one. Lucy has been so full of wonder this week. She just yesterday discovered that she can get her feet in her mouth. Hilarious. She no longer needs us to make […]

Miss Lucy at 18 Weeks

Last night we introduced Lucy to real food for the first time. It wasn’t much, just a small taste of avocado from my aunt’s avocado orchard. She swallowed it all down like a pro, though she had some disgusted faces along the way. I am not sure if she didn’t like the avocado or if […]

Lucy at 17 Weeks

Things here in baby land have been great lately. Lucy has been getting more nap time in during the day and mama is feeling much less stressed. Even when all she takes is a twenty minute nap, I feel relieved. Twenty minutes is really all I need to catch my breath and reassure myself that […]

Lucy at 16 Weeks

The past week has been tiring. This little one has discovered her set of lungs and wants us to know when she is not happy. This new cry is loud, shrill, and very hard to settle. I offer her all the things she wanted in the past when she cried, but the only way to […]