Singing to Baby

Hello there! Long time no post, I know. I am chugging along at this whole unpacking thing. My house is still rather chaotic and updating my blog has fallen pretty low on the list. I expect that to change after this coming weekend. Russ has a three day weekend, so we can get a lot […]

My First Video

I made my first video this afternoon. I have been playing with all sort of fun features and apps on the iPhone, and this is the result. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to make more videos documenting our little lives somewhere other than just around the house like in this video.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my dear blog readers! I hope your day is filled with happiness, fun, and lots of food and gift giving.

Good and Bad News

Well I hate to follow up my last post with bad news…but my digital camera officially kicked the bucket today. It had been on it’s way out for the past few months, making it incredibly difficult to take any photos. While trying to get some snapshots today I realized it was finished. Fortunately a very […]

Schools Out for Winter

I absolutely despise beginning each post with an apology for the lack of frequent blog updates, but when I go this long I do feel bad about not updating my wonderful followers, as well as not keeping up to date on all the fantastic blogs out there! Saying I have been busy is a bit […]


A very warm hello to all the new visitors and followers that made there way over here from Sew Retro this past weekend! I joined and made my first post on Friday, and have gotten the most wonderful feedback from readers. It is such a fun community full of so many incredibly talented ladies (and […]

Joan Holloway Hair

Thought I would share the hairdo I just finished on myself. It is loosely based on the Joan Holloway (Mad Men) hair tutorial video from Super Kawaii Mama. which you can view below. Though I did change it up to my likings, it is very similar procedure as in her video. The best thing about […]

Light My Tiki

The sweltering heat in San Diego has been kicking my behind lately. I went for a quick walk down to the Beauty Supply Warehouse and passed by a public thermometer that read 96 degrees. I shouldn’t be complaining though, my poor husband works out in East County where yesterday it was 109 degrees, and today […]