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Horse Feathers in Taos, New Mexico

I had been to Taos twice before, once as a very young girl road-tripping to Oklahoma with my family, and then again four years ago with Russ to visit my mom, shortly after she moved there. Though the latter trip was enjoyable, both he and I left feeling unimpressed by the town. This trip was […]

Wigwam Village Motel #6

Thank you my dear readers for your patience over the past few weeks. I had a family matter I had to tend to, which required me and Lucy to drive out to Taos, New Mexico (a 14 1/2 hour drive from San Diego, not including stops). It was intense and in the days leading up […]

Just Another Day

1. A new friend 2. Breakfast fritatta (onion, potatoes, spinach, and Parmesan with eggs) 3. Visiting a farm 4. My absolute favorite breakfast, avocado on toast with heirloom tomatoes 5. Hummus in a pail for a picnic 6. Little apples at the farm We are soaking it all in. We have been fairly lucky lately, […]

A Day at the Fair

I’ll be honest, things like the fair intimidate me a lot. As an adult I have found that I like the idea of certain activities or events better than I actually like the event. The fair is one of those. There are just so, so many people (not to mention the nauseating smells of chocolate […]

Father’s Day at the Bali Hai

Like last year, we celebrated Father’s Day at the Bali Hai restaurant. It’s a new tradition that I very much enjoy. Endless mimosas, cream puffs, and pineapple. Russ ate the largest plate of seafood I have ever seen. It was literally a mountain of crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and oysters–he was in heaven! We went […]

Tell ‘em Large Marge Sent Ya

So I lied, I have one more post from our Palm Springs vacation. On our way home we got stuck in horrible traffic. I guess I should have known. With a toddler, we usually try to do our road trip driving in the evening so she can sleep most of the way. We decided to […]

King’s Highway

One of our favorite places to eat while we are in Palm Springs is King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel. It’s a bit more hip than the places we usually dine, but it is in the most fabulous building (an old Denny’s). Places just don’t look like this anymore! We actually ended up going twice […]

Back From Palm Springs (and my blogging break!)

Hello dear readers! Sorry for the unannounced break in blogging. I have had a crazy couple weeks emotionally. I don’t really want to say much about it, but the declining mental health of a family member has been weighing quite heavy on my heart. Aside from that, we have had a busy couple of weeks. […]

Concert in the Park

\ We spent Friday evening drinking margaritas and watching music in the park with some good friends and a handsome pug named Winston. We brought a picnic dinner, Lucy ran around, and we enjoyed the beautiful summer evening on the grass. I often get caught up in my dreams of living in the country, but […]

A Picnic in the Mountains

It was a hot one today, and as nice as sitting in our cool air conditioned home sounded, I really wanted to get out and do something. We packed up a picnic (crusty bread, basil infused olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, rice salad, kalamata olives, and a bowl of cherries), and hit the road. It was […]

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