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Snow and an Outfit

The days have been getting considerably cooler here. I know to those of you in more Northern regions 60 degrees probably sounds downright tropical right about now, but here in San Diego it sure feels chilly! Over the weekend I got an e-mail from an old family friend (who was my pre-school teacher!), and it […]

What I Wore

Well what do you know, an outfit post! I have been wanting to start them up again since, well, shortly after Lucy was born. Quite honestly though, it is much harder to get dressed now than it used to be. I’m not even taking the time it takes to get ready into consideration here. I […]

Guest Outfit Post

Sorry it has been a little quiet around here these past few days. I have been in kind of a funny mood. Not bad or anything, just a little off. Anyhow, I am super excited to share with you the guest outfit post I did for Sandi’s beautiful blog, Ada Lou Vintage. Be sure to […]

Gingham Maternity Top

Thank you everyone for all your nice messages after yesterday’s post. I really appreciate all the nice things you have to say and your words of advice. As many of you suggested I plan on looking for another doctor. This doctor was not who will be delivering the baby–but filled in for him because my […]

First Maternity Outfit Finished!

I finished up my first maternity outfit last week, and am just now getting around to posting pictures of it. As I am just a week shy of four months along, I am currently swimming in the top, and have yet to wear it out of the house. I know though in another month or […]

Memorial Day

Over the weekend I learned that my brother was offered a really great teaching job near Santa Barbara, California. While it will be about a four hour drive to go visit–I’ll take it! I am so excited that I will be able to go see him and his wonderful wife for weekend visits. The area […]

Blogger Meet Up

Today was a nice day out. I got to meet up with one of my favorite vintage bloggers, Solanah of Vixen Vintage, who is down in Southern California on vacation. We tried getting together on her last visit to San Diego a few months back, but things didn’t quite work out. This time though we […]

Knit Snuggie

Yesterday my sister and I got together for lunch, during which we decided to spend the afternoon crafting.  I have been wanting to make some knit or crocheted dishcloths for my kitchen, so we went to the fabric store to buy yarn and needles. When I worked for Michael’s eight or so years ago I […]

New Beehive Hat

This isn’t actually something I wore yesterday, though if I had made plans to get out of the house, I would have loved to wear it out! I really just threw on the dress so I could model the hat I got at an estate sale almost two weeks ago. I absolutely love this style […]

A Walk in the Park

Why hello there blog, long time no update! I have not forgotten you, I promise. I have just been enjoying the incredible Spring weather we have been having. Last week I went with my girl friend Alison to Balboa Park to take pictures. It was 80 degrees out, and absolutely beautiful. Here are a few […]

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