The Seed Underground

I found purple potatoes in our farmers market this week. I am still excited about it, I haven’t seen them available in years. We really are very lucky to have incredible farmers markets year round. I finished reading a fantastic book last week, The Seed Underground by Janisse Ray. If you haven’t read it, I […]


Umm….hey there. I have been feeling terribly uninspired when it comes to blogging, though I promise to change that soon. I miss my blogging friends. I have been reading a ton. I have finished nine books this month alone. NINE. I think that is more than I read all of last year. (By the way, […]

The Library Shirt

A few months ago when my brother and sister-in-law where in town visiting we spent part of one evening looking through pictures from our childhood. One of the pictures that stood out was a picture of my brother and sister and I standing outside the library. I saw this picture and immediately blurted out; “my […]

A Weekend of Reading

The last four days I have had various blog post ideas running through my mind. While walking Lucy around, trying to coax her into sleep, I think about all that I want to blog about. I seem to be in a real writing mood lately, but hardly can find the time to sit down and […]

Miss Lucy – 5 Weeks

    This week more than anything I have noticed how much Lucy has grown. Not so much in weight as in length, she is turning into a long and lean little baby. I am sure she will plump up soon with all the nursing she has been doing! She loves to stand on our […]

In which Baby Eliminates

Before we ever tried getting pregnant I had been doing some research online about natural parenting and had a long list of things I wanted to do for/with my child. One of the things I read about early on was Elimination Communication (or E.C.). For those who know nothing about it, Elimination Communication is pretty […]

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

I didn’t get around to posting over the weekend because I have been stuck with my head in a book for the past few days. I also have put off all my house chores, so my apartment is looking quite unfortunate at the moment. Everything is a disaster, my bedroom has several layers of clothes […]