Rings and Rose Cupcakes

I almost never buy anything clothing/accessory related from a ‘regular’ store (other than undergarments of course!). Nearly every item in my closet (and jewelry box) is either hand me downs, from a thrift store, or from an estate sale. I love going to stores like Anthropologie and H&M to browse and get ideas or inspiration […]

Amish White Bread

I have had a few requests for the bread recipes I use. I think I posted a picture of baked bread a few months back, but am just now getting around to taking more pictures and adding the recipe to the blog. It really is a delicious and easy recipe. I have followed it several […]

Homemade Pita Bread

I think I have mentioned it several times here already, but in our last apartment we didn’t have an oven. Every time I wanted to do some baking (and I often did), I had to use this funky little vintage Toastmaster toaster oven that I thrifted for $2.95. While it was big enough to do […]