The San Diego Vintage Flea Market

By Cedar | March 24, 2014

san diego vintage flea market

This past weekend was the San Diego Vintage Flea Market. This is the third one I have attended (I believe they only started about a year and a half ago), but they are becoming more frequent, now happening every few months. I couldn’t be happier about this. The prices are a little higher than one would expect to pay at a thrift store or the swap meet, but I was surprised at some of the great deals many of the vendors had to offer. It is such a fun event, high quality vintage everywhere you turn; housewares, clothes, jewelry, furniture, and more. I can’t wait for the next one!

san diego vintage flea market

san diego vintage flea market

san diego vintage flea market

san diego vintage flea market

Of course, I couldn’t post about the vintage flea market without sharing my finds. This amazing 1950s lamp was a steal at $20 (I had to ask the woman to repeat the price, I thought I heard her wrong!). I also picked up an apron, a scarf, and a pair of earrings.

vintage atomic 1950s pink lamp drum shade

vintage harlequin apron flea market finds

Bathing Beauties

By Cedar | March 21, 2014

life swim cap fashion 1950s

Our few days of very warm weather last weekend really got me in the mood for summer. Yes, spring has only just arrived, but I am daydreaming of days outdoors and walking barefoot along the beach (as I know most of the country is!). A few days ago I got lost browsing the Life photo archives and came across this photo set. Aren’t they dreamy? I am kind of obsessed with the swim cap with the giant roses on top, where do I find one of those?!

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life swim cap fashion 1950s

life beach swim cap fashion 1950s

life beach swim cap fashion 1950s

life beach swim cap fashion 1950s

life beach swim cap fashion 1950s


Tips for Shopping the Swap Meet

By Cedar | March 20, 2014

tips fo shopping the swap meet

Years ago I wrote a post on how to thrift like a pro. I thought I would do a similar post all about shopping the swap meet (or flea market, depending where you live!). In recent years I have been having better luck at the swap meet than the thrift stores I used to haunt. It is so nice to leave the little one and dad at home in bed, and get out and do some digging for treasure. Here are a few tips I have on the subject.

Arrive early. This is very important. Things go quickly, and another vintage hunter may beat you to an item if you aren’t there to snatch it up. In fact, have your clothes ready to slip on, and your bags gathered the night before so you can wake up, make a cup of coffee and go. The early bird gets the worm!

Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. There is a lot of walking involved, so be sure to wear the appropriate attire. Layers are always good, once the sun starts coming up, it can get pretty toasty around these parts, especially in summer. Bring a bottle of water if you plan to be out long or it is going to be warm.

Bring your own bags, supplies to wrap, or a push cart. I always carry around some fold-able cloth bags in my purse, they are not just great for carrying items, but also wrapping breakables in. I sometimes carry a grocery bag, with some bubble wrap in it, this has come in handy many times. You will see many others pushing carts or pulling wagons, this is a great idea if you are looking for larger items.

Bring small bills. It is considered bad form to haggle something down from $20 to $12 then ask the vendor to break a $20.

If you see something you like, jump on it. Items move quickly at the swap meet, so decide quickly if you need it in your life. It is very likely that it will have sold if you decide to walk around and think about it.

Leave the kids at home. Trust me, just do it.

Know what you are willing to pay for an item, and don’t be afraid to barter. The only time I don’t barter is when something is dirt cheap and I am in shock at the low price the vendor has offered me. Depending on the item and the price, my offer varies quite a bit, but never below half the asking price (unless you are buying quite a bit from the vendor, often then they will cut you a deal).

Only buy what you can use and have room for. In the past I have made the mistake of bringing too much stuff home, just because I found it for super cheap and loved it. Don’t make the same mistake I did, unless you want to be featured on an episode of hoarders! Now I bring home less and try to donate at least one item for each item I purchase.

Walk through quickly the first time or two (depending on how many people have set up), then take your time perusing. I like to do this so I can snap up those “amazing finds” that are sitting out for anyone to buy. After I have made my rounds a time or two, I will go through much more slowly, searching through boxes, looking at books, browsing jewelry cases, etc.

Go often. This is the number one tip I tell people about finding deals. Some days I strike it big and come home with a trunk full of goodies, other days I leave empty handed. It takes a long time to build an amazing vintage collection (and perhaps one is never entirely done!), so the more you go, the better your chance of finding your treasure.

Have fun! Actually, this is my number one tip. If it stops being fun, stop going.

Happy hunting!

The Space Age Lodge

By Cedar | March 19, 2014

space age lodge gila bend arizona

It was recently brought to my attention that I never shared our return accommodations from our trip to New Mexico back in November (here is where we stayed on the way there).

The Space Age Lodge (opened in 1963) is located in Gila Bend, Arizona, about a four and a half hour drive from San Diego. Because of it’s (somewhat) close proximity to San Diego, I could never warrant staying there. I did decide to break up the return trip into a ten hour drive one day and a four hour drive the next day, just so we could make a stop at the spaceship. The first day of driving was pretty long, but arriving at the hotel with a little time before sunset and some wine in the trunk of my car made it all worth it. The hotel was incredibly well kept and very comfortable. Lucy and I watched cartoons on the fancy cable television all night and fell asleep early.

The next morning we cashed in our complimentary breakfast voucher at the motel’s restaurant. While it was fun to go in and look around, the breakfast was pretty bad. I guess I shouldn’t have ordered huevos rancheros from a place I was unsure about, but the soupy beans came out with a slice of American cheese on top and the eggs were swimming in a Rotel pond. I would recommend skipping the restaurant if you get a chance to stay in this fun hotel, though it is worth walking in and looking around.

space age lodge gila bend arizona

space age lodge gila bend arizona

space age lodge gila bend arizona

space age lodge gila bend arizona

Summer in Winter

By Cedar | March 18, 2014

mai tai in vintage glass

vintage lady head vase, swap meet finds


drinking a margarita

Winter isn’t quite over and already it feels like summer! We had a lazy weekend, margaritas one day, mai tais the next. We ate out, we barbequed at home, and I did a little swap meet shopping. What could be better? This time of year is possibly my favorite. The anticipation of warm days,  sundresses, and eating outdoors, before the heavy heat of summer sets in and I tire and yearn for cool days that never seem to come.

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Vintage Fabric Picks

By Cedar | March 17, 2014

I was recently on the hunt for the perfect vintage inspired fabric for a dress I plan on starting soon, and I came across a plethora of beautiful mid century patterns on I love all the fun novelty prints from the 50s, and all the groovy 60s florals. Which one is your favorite?


retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric

1. Surfboards 2.Barbeques 3. Mobiles

retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric

1. Castles 2. Harlequin 3. Jugs


retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric retro mid century fabric

1. Birds 2. Daisies 3. Flowers


I’m Back!

By Cedar | March 13, 2014


vintage home


Well here I am again. I just couldn’t quit this little old blog of mine. Feel free to roll your eyes at me all you want, I know it is pretty silly to quit one blog, start a new one, then un-quit the original blog.

I am happy to be back in this space. I have over thought to whole blogging thing for too long and set a few too many “rules” for myself. I started going back through my archives here, and I really miss how lighthearted and fun some of my older posts are. I hope to bring some of that back.

Above are a few pictures I took of my home today. I am still working hard to organize my whole messy life, and I am getting there. It feels good.


This and That

By Cedar | January 26, 2014








This has been an unusual January. We haven’t seen a day under 70 degrees since mid December, with many days in the mid 80s. It is beautiful weather, but this feels more like summer than winter. I long for a nice cool day, lots of rain, and a real reason for me to have a pot of soup simmering on the stove. My sweaters are collecting dust, and I fear they will be packed away for good soon. The forecast predicts some rain and 60 degree weather is on its way, but I am not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I am going through a major life change. I am cleaning house, like I have never done. I have collected so much stuff over the years and I am finally ready to let it all go. I have packed up nearly 30 boxes of vintage things; dishes (including my Franciscan Autumn set!),  wall art, nick- nacks, clothes, etc. Some of it I am going to list on ebay or craigslist, but the majority of it will be in a great big garage sale and whatever is left is going to the thrift store. It is a slightly emotional (I have put too much value into objects for too long!), but mostly liberating experience, and I am really looking forward to regaining control over the amount of stuff in my home.

Lucy has been a little trouper through all of it. She plays and paints while I pack boxes. We unearthed a few boxes of my childhood toys that have been keeping her busy for days, she loves the My Little Ponies and Wish Worlds. Somehow I have found a little time at the end of each day to start sewing a quilt. This will be my second one (my first one is here), and I am really looking forward to starting the sewing process.


By Cedar | December 26, 2013






The past few days have been a whirlwind. There is so much stress and anticipation leading up to the big day, by mid December I find myself looking forward to December 26th.

This year was special. Hectic, yes, but special nonetheless. Having a broken and very spread out family, it is quite easy to get sucked into feeling a little blue that we can no longer have all my family together for one big and glorious event like we did when I was a child. Our family events are always spread out, different people, different days, another big meal. It all gets quite overwhelming. This year though, I think I may be getting the hang of new family traditions. My brother came down the weekend before Christmas. We cooked pie. My dad and his wife came up from Mexico. We ate a delicious holiday spread, talked, and opened gifts. It was perfect.

Christmas day was nice as well. Lucy tore into her gifts with abandon, we had a lovely dinner at my in-law’s, and for the first time in many, many years, I felt like I could entirely relax on Christmas.

I hope that each and every one of you had a fun and relaxing holiday season as well. I am so much looking forward to a new year.


Snow in Taos

By Cedar | December 16, 2013




lucyandchee wildcedar


These are the last of the New Mexico photos I am going to share.

While we were in Taos I saw the first snow I have seen in some 15 years or so–and Lucy saw her first ever (beating her dad to it, who has lived his entire life in southern California!). It started with a heavy rain and suddenly turned to snow. Not much of it stuck, but it didn’t change my feelings of nostalgia. Standing in the falling snow nearly brought tears to my eyes while reminiscing about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, sledding down hills, building snow tunnels, making snow and orange juice slush, my brother running out in his snoopy underwear to do snow angels, and sculpting snow women (complete with gigantic snowball breasts, thank you mom). Snow is a magical thing.