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The Madonna Inn

AsĀ  I mentioned in my last post, we just returned from a fantastic little getaway. For years and years I have been dreaming of staying at the Madonna Inn. Every six months or so I would go on their website and browse through the images of all their distinct, fun, and kitschy hotel rooms, looking […]

The San Diego Vintage Flea Market

This past weekend was the San Diego Vintage Flea Market. This is the third one I have attended (I believe they only started about a year and a half ago), but they are becoming more frequent, now happening every few months. I couldn’t be happier about this. The prices are a little higher than one […]

The Space Age Lodge

It was recently brought to my attention that I never shared our return accommodations from our trip to New Mexico back in November (here is where we stayed on the way there). The Space Age Lodge (opened in 1963) is located in Gila Bend, Arizona, about a four and a half hour drive from San […]

Snow in Taos

These are the last of the New Mexico photos I am going to share. While we were in Taos I saw the first snow I have seen in some 15 years or so–and Lucy saw her first ever (beating her dad to it, who has lived his entire life in southern California!). It started with […]

The Christmas Tree Farm

I hope all my readers in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was simple and enjoyable. I baked pies (as I usually do) and made up a delicious chanterelle mushroom gravy for Lucy and I to eat over potatoes and rolls since we don’t partake in the Turkey eating. We truly have so much […]

Visiting The Rio Grande

  It has been a very, very long time since I took a trip alone. I had a few solo drives from San Diego to San Francisco and back about six to eight years ago to visit my best friend and my mother, who both lived in the area at that time. I have always […]

Horse Feathers in Taos, New Mexico

I had been to Taos twice before, once as a very young girl road-tripping to Oklahoma with my family, and then again four years ago with Russ to visit my mom, shortly after she moved there. Though the latter trip was enjoyable, both he and I left feeling unimpressed by the town. This trip was […]

Wigwam Village Motel #6

Thank you my dear readers for your patience over the past few weeks. I had a family matter I had to tend to, which required me and Lucy to drive out to Taos, New Mexico (a 14 1/2 hour drive from San Diego, not including stops). It was intense and in the days leading up […]

Poolside in Palm Springs

This was our shortest Palm Springs trip yet. We usually go for three nights, but decided to try and squeeze in a two night weekend visit. Though we had a great time, we probably won’t be taking such a short trip again until Lucy is a little older. The amount of time we spent packing/unpacking/driving/cleaning […]

A Day at the Fair

I’ll be honest, things like the fair intimidate me a lot. As an adult I have found that I like the idea of certain activities or events better than I actually like the event. The fair is one of those. There are just so, so many people (not to mention the nauseating smells of chocolate […]

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