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Some Random Thoughts

If you have been reading here for a while you have probably noticed a great deal less food related posts lately. Other than my once a week or so retro recipes, there has been very little happening in this kitchen. The pregnancy fairy has not been as kind to me this time around, and I […]

Things I am Loving

Wednesday. Hump day. I always disliked that term. Maybe it is my inner 12 year old speaking, but whenever I hear the term hump day I either giggle or cringe. Anyway, here is a rather fluffy blog post about some of the things I have been loving lately. 1. These funky vintage horse head bookends […]

Happy Weekend!

Just popping in to wish all a happy weekend. Here is a little sneak peak at my enormous belly–it is wild that I am only 12 weeks, I must have been at least 18 weeks before I was this size last time around!

Some Exciting News

So….. Baby #2 is coming this October and I have been feeding him or her well on these delicious (and very stereotypical!) peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.  

Summer in Winter

Winter isn’t quite over and already it feels like summer! We had a lazy weekend, margaritas one day, mai tais the next. We ate out, we barbequed at home, and I did a little swap meet shopping. What could be better? This time of year is possibly my favorite. The anticipation of warm days,  sundresses, […]

I’m Back!

Well here I am again. I just couldn’t quit this little old blog of mine. Feel free to roll your eyes at me all you want, I know it is pretty silly to quit one blog, start a new one, then un-quit the original blog. I am happy to be back in this space. I […]

This and That

This has been an unusual January. We haven’t seen a day under 70 degrees since mid December, with many days in the mid 80s. It is beautiful weather, but this feels more like summer than winter. I long for a nice cool day, lots of rain, and a real reason for me to have a […]

It’s Been a Month

Pardon my absence, life has gotten a bit in the way of blogging lately. Here are some of the things that have been occupying my time and mind: -I was recently made organizer of the mama group we belong to, and though I am happy to step up and fill a role that needed to […]

Thoughts on Blogging and Our Weekend

I wish I was a more devoted blogger. Some people have their blog posts lined up days in advance and a calendar planning out future topics. I, on the other hand, don’t usually have much of a plan when I sit down to write. Well, that is untrue, sometimes I have a recipe to type […]

Busy Working

My first loaf of bread in a dutch oven, from this recipe. So much knitting. I invested in a swift, Lucy loves working it with me. Chickpea feta salad, from this recipe (found via Pinterest). A new top for Lucy, made with the serger I got for Christmas. I have settled into a nice groove […]

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