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Vintage Striped Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes regarding my last post. We are so excited and a little scared of what the future holds. I have been beyond exhausted, the second time around has been so different than the first. I have had morning sickness and nausea, which I didn’t have with […]

Free Knitting Pattern – 40s Knit Top

40s knit top It’s been a long time since I have posted any free knitting patterns. I bought a printer/copier/scanner yesterday, and I thought what better way to celebrate than with a knitting freebie (I had to make sure the scanner worked!)? Can you believe that I haven’t owned a printer in eight years? Even […]

The Annabel Cardigan and a Turban

More finished knitting projects! I finished the turban quite some time ago, here is the information for that project. It was a fast and super easy little project, I have made a few for friends, not taking more than two hours or so per headband. It’s perfect for keeping ears warm in cool weather. The […]


I knitted up these four washcloths last week for my brother and his wife, whom we are spending some time with this weekend. They were super quick, taking about five or so hours a piece. I am a little afraid to say it, but I think I may be slowing the needles down for a […]

The Honey Cowl

This blog has been a little knitting heavy lately. I promise to get some other types of posts up here one of these days. It may be a while though, I have so many projects lined up! This is the honey cowl, called so because of the lovely honeycomb pattern it forms. I made this […]

A Kitchen Helper and a Hat

Mama’s helper A hat for a very special two year old friend, info here. The days have been zipping by. I look back at the past week and all I can see is fog. What did we do? Where did we go? I haven’t the faintest clue. Lucy has been growing faster than ever. In […]

Finished Cowichan

(Thanks to my friend Erin for taking these pictures) Remember the cowichan I posted about way back in August? Well, it is finished and has been for quite a long time now. I have been meaning to get pictures of it for the past two months, but in all honesty I don’t really like taking […]

A Yellow Hoodie

I started this little yellow hoodie for Lucy the day after Christmas. Two weeks later I was surprised to find myself sewing the pieces together for her to wear. It was such a quick and easy pattern. My only complaint is that it isn’t going to fit her for long. I made her the 24-36 […]

Baby Doll’s New Sweater

I made this little doll sweater for Lucy’s baby doll in early December. It was super fast, I think it may have taken me three or so hours (over two evenings) to complete. The pattern was Little Kina. Lucy isn’t able to put clothes on her doll yet so she asks me over, and over, […]

A Sweater for Russ

I finished knitting my cowichan sweater about a month ago (pictures coming soon!), and needed a new big project. I pulled out my massive stack of vintage knitting books (which grew significantly this past weekend after finding some great 50s and 60s knitting pattern books at an estate sale, but that’s another story), and had […]

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