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Some Recent Finds

Hey friends, I hope your summer (or winter) is going well. It is hot, hot, hot here. I look at the number and it is never as hot as I think it is or that it will get, but I literally feel like I am melting at all times of day and night. Being pregnant […]

My New Etsy Shop – A Taste of Honey Vintage

This morning I had one of those epic swap meet days, the kind where every direction that I looked I saw something I would love to bring home. I did pretty good, not caving to the temptation of dropping my loot off at home and returning for multiple car loads of goodies. Lucy and I […]

Restoring a China Cabinet

Pardon the radio silence around here this week. Want to hear my excuse for neglecting this space? Well, I have been working hard on this monster of a job. Last week I found this horrendously painted china cabinet for a steal in the thrift store and I took it upon myself to save it (or […]

Someone’s Family Photos

A very warm welcome to those of you who are joining me from Jessica’s blog, Chronically Vintage. I have been a long time reader of her lovely blog, and was so happy to sponsor it for the month of April. Jessica is such a dear, it really has been a pleasure working with her. So, […]

Tips for Shopping the Swap Meet

Years ago I wrote a post on how to thrift like a pro. I thought I would do a similar post all about shopping the swap meet (or flea market, depending where you live!). In recent years I have been having better luck at the swap meet than the thrift stores I used to haunt. […]

Some Recent Finds, Barbie Edititon

So, I collect Barbies now. Though I hadn’t given her much thought since I was 12 or so, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that busty beauty. Recently my Barbie love has grown. About four or five months ago I purchased my first vintage Barbie (well, her friend), Alan, whom […]

Some Recent Finds

Here are some of my vintage finds from the past week. I hope you guys don’t mind that these recent finds posts become regular, I sure do enjoy doing them. I would love to see what you came home with as well, if you have a blog and post pictures of your thrifty finds, please […]

San Diego State College Yearbook, 1952

Here is the second yearbook in the lot that I bought a week ago (here is the first). I actually enjoyed this one more than the 1951 yearbook. It appears that in 1952 they had a much larger budget, or perhaps just more creative yearbook staff. This one has more photos, a better layout, better […]

San Diego State College Yearbook, 1951

I didn’t mention in my last post about the two yearbooks I picked up at the swap meet over the weekend. San Diego State College (SDSU) yearbooks from 1951 and 1952. I may or may not have been influenced by Solanah’s amazing yearbook collection to purchase these, and I am so happy I did. I […]

Some Recent Finds

I have had some really fantastic finds lately. These days I mostly regular the swap meet, though I will hit up a few thrift stores throughout the week to hold me over until the weekend arrives again. There is an amazing one only five minutes from our house. I wake up at 6 AM, throw […]

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