Snow in Taos

By Cedar | December 16, 2013




lucyandchee wildcedar


These are the last of the New Mexico photos I am going to share.

While we were in Taos I saw the first snow I have seen in some 15 years or so–and Lucy saw her first ever (beating her dad to it, who has lived his entire life in southern California!). It started with a heavy rain and suddenly turned to snow. Not much of it stuck, but it didn’t change my feelings of nostalgia. Standing in the falling snow nearly brought tears to my eyes while reminiscing about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, sledding down hills, building snow tunnels, making snow and orange juice slush, my brother running out in his snoopy underwear to do snow angels, and sculpting snow women (complete with gigantic snowball breasts, thank you mom). Snow is a magical thing.