In the Kitchen | 11

By Cedar | December 11, 2013





fried rice

1. Chanterelle mushrooms, I made the most incredible chanterelle mushroom gravy for Lucy and I to eat over potatoes and rolls at Thanksgiving dinner. I loosely followed this recipe.
2. Chilaquiles, my favorite breakfast to make for a crowd. I loosely follow this recipe, this time using delicious dried hatch chilies while in New Mexico.
3. Curried millet with currants, recipe from this book.
4. Purple sweet potatoes
5. Vegetable fried rice, basically just the lingering vegetables in my fridge (carrots & celery) with garlic, seasonings, bragg’s aminos, and toasted sesame seeds. This is an “I need to go shopping meal”, but still delicious.

It has been a while since I did an “in the kitchen” post, I blame the shorter days. Taking food photos without natural light is not really something I know how to do, yet. Not that I know how to do much with my camera in natural light, but I think I do a mediocre job at it. I definitely don’t have as much control over the camera as I would like, but I am trying.

Every now and then I read a tutorial I find online about using manual settings, I will usually spend a day or two experimenting, trying to follow function by function what another photographer did to achieve a certain photograph or style. I always end up going back to the automatic mode, because it never really sets in, and so many of the shots I take are of Lucy in action (it is just safer to keep it in automatic mode for that quick snap I need to get!). I suppose experience and playing around is the best thing to do, but if anyone knows of any great sites for getting better at photography, please share!

I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the holiday season.