Horse Feathers in Taos, New Mexico

By Cedar | November 14, 2013

I had been to Taos twice before, once as a very young girl road-tripping to Oklahoma with my family, and then again four years ago with Russ to visit my mom, shortly after she moved there. Though the latter trip was enjoyable, both he and I left feeling unimpressed by the town.

This trip was different though. Maybe it was because my mom has lived in Taos for longer and knows the town a bit better. Or maybe it is because my sister is there with her now, and she and I share more common interests. Or maybe it is because I have a different outlook on life and am more appreciative of the different kinds of beauty this vast country takes on. Whatever the reason, I really, really fell in love with the beautiful small town of Taos, New Mexico.

While the most fun parts of the trip were spent cooking dinner with my sister and having wild, spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, we also had a lot of fun out and about in the town. We stopped into a lot of little “cowboy” shops, and this was one of my favorites. Horse Feathers had an excellent selection of new, vintage, and antique Western wear as well as incredible lamps and decor. I actually ended up stopping by this shop twice, because I couldn’t get my mind off a great little 60s cowboy print, which I will share in another post. The owners were super sweet, and really fun to talk to about all their vintage pieces.

If you are ever in Taos, I definitely recommend stopping by Horse Feathers.