Friday Favorites

By Cedar | October 25, 2013

vintage cinderella stepsisters costumes
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Happy day, it is Friday again! This week actually sneaked by me pretty quick. I meant to get a blog post up yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind.

I am looking forward to this weekend because my mama is coming to town! I haven’t seen her since earlier this year when my grandma had her stroke. When I’m not spending time with her I am going to be finishing up Lucy’s Halloween costume and working on a set of paintings I started this week.

Onto my favorites, it is a bit of a short list this week. I haven’t had much time to spend in front of the computer. Have a happy weekend!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadews sound and look delicious.

Here are two great posts on photography tips for sewing bloggers from Lucky Lucille, part one and part two.

I loved this post, The Guy who Shrunk his 1950s Hometown. (Thanks to Retro Reporter for the link!)

This Nirvana Enchilada Casserole sounds insane, in a good way.

How about this Pumpkin-Pistachio Kale Fried Rice with Maple Tofu Cubes? Yum.