Father’s Day at the Bali Hai

By Cedar | June 16, 2013

bali hai restaurant san diego, vintage 60s shaheen dress, tiki

bali hai restaurant, san diego, tiki

bali hai restaurant san diego, vintage 60s shaheen dress

Like last year, we celebrated Father’s Day at the Bali Hai restaurant. It’s a new tradition that I very much enjoy. Endless mimosas, cream puffs, and pineapple. Russ ate the largest plate of seafood I have ever seen. It was literally a mountain of crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and oysters–he was in heaven!

We went all out in our outfits this year. I wore this amazing 1960s Alfred Shaheen maxi dress that I picked up at the thrift store about a year ago. It is a bit large on me, but I don’t care, I love wearing it! Russ’ amazing tiki shirt was part of the gift Lucy and I gave him for Father’s Day (the other part of his gift was a trumpet book, he is trying to learn!).

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours.

One Response to “Father’s Day at the Bali Hai”

  1. Enir Says:
    July 7th, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    I don’t know if she mentioned it, but my mom was saying how nostalgic it was for her to see these pictures. She said it took her right back to the 50s, dressing in coordinating aloha prints and my grandmother even wearing a very similar dress. We still have one of her Hawaiian print full-length dresses – I’d love for you to see it sometime, you would just die! Anyway, my mom and I always love your photos and have cool discussions from them. We love you and the fact that you are such purveyors of the midcentury tiki aesthetic and lifestyle.