Free Knitting Pattern – 40s Knit Top

By Cedar | June 13, 2013

40s knit top

It’s been a long time since I have posted any free knitting patterns. I bought a printer/copier/scanner yesterday, and I thought what better way to celebrate than with a knitting freebie (I had to make sure the scanner worked!)?

Can you believe that I haven’t owned a printer in eight years? Even while going to school I would email what I needed printed to Russ and he would print them off at work and bring them home to me. Often I would check out cookbooks from the library, drive into Russ’ work, and sit and photocopy all the recipes I wanted. No longer! I feel like a changed woman. I can do all that fun stuff in my home now. Oh, and it’s got wifi! I’m kind of geeking out about a silly printer, but this feels life changing (and maybe it will be, I actually bought it so I can purchase and print shipping labels without going to the post office!).

Enough about the printer, check out this darling knitted sweater blouse. This is from one of my books, published in 1949. Maybe in another few months I will get back into knitting, but for now it is much too hot for me to think about fuzzy knits, even ones this pretty.