Homemade Deodorant

By Cedar | March 24, 2013

Deodorant. Oh deodorant. I have had the hardest time with this one. As I have gotten older and learned more about the toxic chemicals in much of our household and beauty products, I have worked towards replacing all the chemicals with either homemade kitchen concoctions or purchased all natural products. Deodorant though, I can’t tell you how many all natural sticks I have bought over the years, only to find that I smelled a little too ‘natural’, and not in the way that I wanted. So the chemically garbage stuck around. Recently though I have seen countless people pinning recipes, and having read Drea’s post on the subject, I finally decided to give it a try.

Well, this is my second batch so I think it is safe to say that it works. Now I just need to get Russ to convert to the homemade deodorant.

There are a few things to be noted, the first four or five days I wasn’t applying quite enough and was beginning to think I was just an incredibly stinky person. Finally I tried doubling up what I was applying, and since then I have had no problems with any odors. I took a picture below of about how much I use. It does take some getting used to. Before getting dressed I apply it to both armpits, blot it with a towel so it’s not running down my side if I have applied too much, and let it air dry for about a minute before I put on my shirt. Those steps may not be necessary, but that’s how I do it.

Here is the recipe (from ohdeardrea):
1/4 arrowroot powder
1/4 baking soda
6 tablespoons coconut oil

4 Responses to “Homemade Deodorant”

  1. 7green Says:
    March 25th, 2013 at 9:36 am


    this is my first comment on your blog although I read it since -well, forever it seems when i see pictures of Lucy;)
    i made my first batch of homemade-deodorant not long ago and before that I used one from “Wolkenseifen”, so I just tried to make my own formulation of that one.
    The difference from your recipe is that I also do use Zinc oxide which I got from the apothecary nearby. I have to use a lot less than what you are showing in the picture, I think it must be less than half. So maybe it would make a difference?


    Cedar Reply:

    Hi Jill! Thanks for the tip, I will have to look into zinc oxide. I may have overestimated a tad in the photo, but definitely don’t use as little as half the amount. Thanks! -Cedar


  2. Back_to_Basics Says:
    April 6th, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I will make it this week and tell you how it works out! Thanks again! Great post! :)


    Cedar Reply:

    Please do, I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!