In the Kitchen | 04

By Cedar | June 24, 2012

Some things I have made/eaten lately.

Chili relleno mac n cheese. No recipe, but used pepper jack instead of cheddar, added some sliced, cooked poblanos, and chopped broccoli and asparagus.

This-is-what-was-in-the-fridge Enchiladas. I can’t remember exactly what was in them, but I know cauliflower was in there.

Biscuits and lentil gravy with eggs. (not sure why the gravy is such a different color in this picture, but it really looks much more appetizing here. Weird.)

Charred Poblanos.

Black bean salad: black beans, fresh corn, red onion, red bell pepper with cilantro pesto.

One Response to “In the Kitchen | 04”

  1. Tasha Says:
    June 26th, 2012 at 9:07 am

    I like seeing your vintage Pyrex. And mmmm now I’m hungry. Chili relleno mac and cheese sounds amazing!