Baby Doll Bath

By Cedar | April 24, 2011

I want to say a big thank you to all you before I begin today’s post….just in case a baby comes and I forget later! I really feel so lucky to have so many amazing readers, this pregnancy has been real proof of that. Everyone’s kind words, advice, and personal stories have really made the past nine months enjoyable. I really look forward to hearing your input and I feel so lucky to be able to get so many different points of view on all things baby and pregnancy related. I feel silly being so sentimental, especially since it isn’t over yet. Really though, thank you to all of you that have come on here and have shown me love and support, either through comments, e-mails, or just for reading.

Anyway, on to today’s post.

Yesterday Russ and I went around to some thrift stores looking for the last few things we need for baby’s room. One of the things I was excited to find was a vintage chair to nurse baby in her room. It is in great shape, and is a lovely shade of green that will help balance the overwhelming amount of pink that somehow took over the room. I will share that when I take pictures of the nursery. I picked up some other little things we needed along with this cute little dolly. She was absolutely filthy so yesterday I gave her a bath and set her out to sunbathe. I couldn’t stand the thought of not getting some pictures!

She still has a lot of stains on her little body, but she looks a million times better….and smells nice and fresh! Of course after finding her we had to stop by the fabric store so I could pick up some doll clothes patterns. I was surprised to see how many vintage doll patterns there were. I think there were at least two or three others to choose from, but I selected these two Simplicity patterns. I am not sure which outfit to make first, what do you guys think??

3 Responses to “Baby Doll Bath”

  1. 50sgal Says:
    April 24th, 2011 at 8:27 am

    First off, I adore green and pink together. Especially shots of kelly green and floral and ginghams together in that shade and mixed in an overall room palette is wonderful!
    Secondly, I have that same bowl! I collect the Amish Rooster Pyrex pattern.
    Thirdly, How lovely to have saved that old baby doll and what adorable vintage patterns.
    And lastly, I am so excited for you and a bit jealous. To think your family shall grow by one but increase 10 fold in love and adventure. What a grand time you and baby shall have together. A nicer family I cannot imagine.
    Congratulations and can’t wait to see baby pictures. I hope baby has mother’s lovely red hair. I have always been a sucker for red hair.


  2. Kyle Says:
    April 24th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    hehe… I love the picture of the baby doll sunbathing :)


  3. Christy Says:
    April 25th, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I adore that cute little red and white overalls and bonnet set from the first group. From the second group, I love the little pink dress. Can’t wait to see what you end up sewing up!