A New Year

By Cedar | January 2, 2010

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I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years festivities. Though I did not have as bad a year as many, I was happy to see 2009 end and 2010 begin. There  is a lot I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, and I think this will be a very significant one in my life.

For me 2009 was a year of exploration. I learned a lot about myself, and really learned the advantages of balance and scheduling in my life. I never make New Years resolutions, as I am constantly trying to make positive changes when need be throughout the year, but there are quite a few things I would like to accomplish in 2010. One of the main things is my blog. I would really like to focus more time on the blog, and start sharing more things from my life; cooking, sewing, painting, etc.

Anyway, I would like to go on, but honestly am still feeling quite pooped from the New Years celebration we went to. Here are some fun and informative links to occupy your time:

Feeling crafty and in need of some new shoes? Why not cover an old pair in fabric? The possibilities are endless–think of how cute these would be with a matching dress!

Here are some great tips to get odors out of your amazing vintage bags.

After following 50′s Gal’s blog for the past year, it was really great to see how her experiment affected her life for the better, and hear her reflect upon the differences between modern living and the ways of our grandmothers. She is also starting a great community up for like minded vintage ladies.

This is an interesting little read about the future of vintage from Queens of Vintage.

Happy 2010!