It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Cedar | December 20, 2009

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On my former blog I used to do a weekly round up of favorite links and Flickr images I enjoyed, and want to start that up here. I always did them on Fridays, but seeing that I have no image posts to make for another week or so, I thought it would be good to do the first one now!

I hope everyone’s weekend is wrapping up nicely. Christmas is a mere five days away (or four if you are reading this on Monday!). It always sneaks up so quickly. This year, unlike years past I did quite a bit of shopping earlier in the year, throughout October and November. It is quite a nice feeling knowing that I only have one to two gifts to buy still!

Casey of Elegant Musings posted a great tutorial explaining how to refashion a cardigan.

Odds are you haven’t had enough sweets yet this holiday season. If you have the baking bug like I do, these peppermint meringues look amazing!

50′s Gal posted a nice little post about manners, the importance of them, and how much times have changed.

This is an interesting little article from Beauty is a Thing of the Past about how the complexity of creating the ‘easy look.’

Well I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is close to completing there shopping, and all of you on the East coast of the US are staying nice and warm through the storm.